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(no subject) [Sep. 2nd, 2005|06:59 pm]
Los Angeles Activist Movements
Newslinks about Katrina and how it relates to People of Color and the impoverished.

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... return of the freep ... [Aug. 24th, 2005|02:47 am]
Los Angeles Activist Movements

In the late 1960s and early 1970s - back through the mists of time, in the stone(d) age - long before desktop publishing, personal computers and the Internet - just about every major city or medium sized town had access to something known as an "underground newspaper". I don't know what your local underground paper was called (or if you even had one) but in the Washington DC area where I spent my Wonder Bread years, we had ‘The Washington Free Press’ and ‘Quicksilver Times’.

With a definitely antiwar flavor and counterculture approach, they provided a clarion call to the mostly under-30 crowd. These crudely and colorfully produced tabloids on cheap newsprint represent a now mostly lost form and style of alternative journalism and activism. And peace wasn't the only issue. Underground papers were a lively forum and rallying point for many ideas, actions and groups. Feminism and women's rights, gay liberation, civil rights for minorities, Native American issues, the environment, the global struggle for justice, to name just a few. Underground newspapers provided a voice for the poor and downtrodden everywhere.

One of the first on the scene was ‘The Los Angeles Free Press’ and now ‘The Freep’ (as it’s affectionally known) is coming back to a newsstand, coffeehouse, vending box, mailslot, street corner - or computer screen near you!

- read more about it here ...
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CrayonPeople.com [Aug. 17th, 2005|02:58 am]
Los Angeles Activist Movements

We created Crayon People to act as a place for People of Color to get easy access to news ranging from political articles to current pop culture. Check out the new articles from your own relevant group (Arab, Asian, Black, Latino Desi), but feel free to discuss articles in the People of Color area as well as other groups. Posting comments and discussing the articles is the point to this whole website.

We want people from diverse backgrounds to converse and debate in a constructive environment. So please help us spread the word. We are a non-profit site, so basically that means we have a $0 promotion budget, unlike these other corporation giants. But please let us know what you think. Sign on post some comments and help make this good thing happen:).
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9:30 AM Haiti Action [Feb. 27th, 2005|08:22 pm]
Los Angeles Activist Movements

Maxine Waters to attend Press Conference
Marking Anniversary of U.S.-backed Coup in Haiti

Where: Downtown Federal Building (300 N. Los Angeles St.)
When: Monday, Feb. 28 at 9:30 AM

Activists and anti-war and social justice organizations will mark the anniversary of the U.S.-backed coup and kidnapping against democratically elected President Arisitide of Haiti at a press conference including Congresswoman Maxine Waters. This is part of worldwide actions this week protesting the coup and occupation of Haiti. Under the unofficial direction of the U.S., UN troops, now led by Brazil, are currently facilitating terror campaigns which include war crimes and genocide against the people of Haiti.

Please show your solidarity with the Haitian people and attend this event.


Protest Brazil's role in the U.S./UN Occupation and Coup of Haiti

AT: Brazilian Consulate (8484 Wilshire Blvd. - east of La Cienega)
When: Wednesday, March 2 from 12 noon to 1PM

On Wednesday, March 2 there will be a protest at the Brazilian Consulate demanding that Brazil withdraw its troops from Haiti. A delegation is planning to present the Porto Alegre, Brazil Declaration on Haiti to officials at the consulate.

Participants and/or endorsers of the two events include:

Coalition in Solidarity with Haiti; Haiti Action Committee;
Danny Glover, International Action Center/LA; LA/US Labor Against the War; ANSWER/LA, National Lawyers Guild; The Pan African Activist Coalition; San Gabriel Valley Neighbors for Peace and Justice; Women of Color in the Global Women s Strike including Margaret Prescod
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